The Department of Education (DepEd) in the Philippines is planning to hire 9,650 additional teachers this year, according to DepEd Spokesperson Michael Poa.

The department has identified the lack of teachers and classrooms as a long-standing issue, and is pursuing two tracks to address the problem.

The traditional approach involves building classrooms and hiring more teachers, while the other track involves leveraging technology to maximize its benefits for teachers and students.

This approach includes using technology to provide additional learning resources and implementing blended learning.

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To assist in the efforts to address the shortage of resources, the DepEd has launched an online portal called the DepEd Partnership Assistance Portal (DPAP).

The portal will allow private organizations to identify the specific needs of schools they wish to help, streamlining the partnership process down to the school level.

The online portal will also foster transparency, allowing potential partners to see the specific needs of schools and choose where they want to help.

Additionally, the portal features a scheduling function that enables private partners to set appointments directly with schools.

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The DepEd is also exploring the possibility of developing a mobile app for the partnerships website.

The app would enable partners to access the portal and identify the needs of schools on the go, further facilitating the process of partnering with the DepEd.

The department hopes that these initiatives will help to address the shortage of teachers and classrooms, and enhance the quality of education for students in the Philippines.