How to Determine Nutritional Status:

1.Determine the Age of the Student
> Date of Measurement
> Birth Date
2. Measure the Height and Weight
>Height is in centimeters, up to 1 decimal point;
convert to meters, up to 2 decimal point
>Weight is in Kilograms, up to 1 decimal point
3. Compute for the BMI
>BMI is expressed up to 1 decimal point
4. Compare with the Reference Table

How to Calculate the Age

1. Note the date of Measurement
2. Get the birth date of the child
3. Compute the age of the child to the nearest month as of her/his last birth date using the formula:

AGE = [ Date of weighing (yy/mm/dd) ]
– [ Date of birth (yy/mm/dd) ]

Sample Computations:


Reference Value:

Download the form below:
NUTRITIONAL STATUS BMI w HFA 215 sec(4-15-2017)

Credits to Sir Ronnie Caringal.
source: deped