Just last year, the implementation of Continued Professional Development for PRC license holders had been approved. This new requirement is based on the recently passed RA 10912 or the CPD Act of 2016 which mandates all professionals regulated by PRC to take CPD programs before renewing their IDs.

If you are among those who need to renew their license, RA 10912 shall be implemented after the effectivity of the implementing rules and regulations in March 2017. The CPD council for each regulated profession shall issue its Operational Guidelines to implement the general rules and regulation.

How to Earn CPD Units to Renew Your PRC License

The CPD program aims to continually update the skills and knowledge of licensed professionals in order to maintain their competency. PRC reiterated that obtaining CPD credits is mandatory before renewal of license.

Gaining CPD units can be done through programs such as;

1) Formal Learning

2) Non-Formal Learning

3) Informal Learning

4) Self-directed learning

5) Online learning activities

6) Professional work experience

cpd units

View here the complete guidelines for CPD uniting

Prc Cpd Requirements by NonoyTaclino on Scribd

According to the revised guidelines Section 19, the requirement is only mandatory every 3 years. Excess credit units would not be carried over to the next three-year period except units earned for doctorate and master’s degree or specialty training which can only be credited once during the compliance period.