It is every parents dream to see his or her child on a graduation march. Likewise, it is also a dream come true for children to see how proud their parents are when they do.

This would have been impossible for a graduating son and his ailing father, if not for the kind-heart of the people around them.

High school Scheduled Early Graduation for Student

Cameron Brown, 18 years old, was set to graduate high school, but was worried that his terminally ill father would no longer make it to the ceremony. His father Brian Brown was diagnosed with nonalcoholic cirrhosis of the liver in 2011. To make matters worse, he fell off a ladder while helping a neighbor after a storm two years later which left him paralyzed. Doctors told them that Brian did not have long to live.

Kim Page, the principal of West Stanly High School, and her colleagues put together a mock ceremony so Brian could see his son graduate early. Unknown to the family, the school staff put together a graduation program in less than 24 hours.

A lot of people attended the program in the school auditorium, and witnessed Cameron got called on stage to receive his diploma.

Watch the video of the Graduation ceremony

According to his mom Wendy Brown, it was wonderful seeing how proud Brian was and added that the two were very close.

Cameron Brown told ABC News, “Over the years me and my dad have grown to be very, very close — pretty much best friends.”

A few days after the graduation ceremony, Brian Brown passed away, but not without the joy of seeing his son graduate.