Alliance of Concerned Teachers Party-list launched a petition addressed to the Philippine House of Representatives and the Senate requesting to abolish the Republic Act 10912 also known as the Continuing Professional Development (CPD LAW).

Representatives Antonio Tinio and France Castro from ACT Teachers Party-List filed House Bill No. 7171 to abolish the CPD Law and encourages the professionals to take part by voicing out their concerns on the controversial law. The House Bill 7171 is said to be the “Act Repealing Republic Act 10912.”

Add to that, an online survey which has been set up by the Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) revealed that 95% of the professionals in the country unanimously voted for the repeal of the Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

FILED: House Bill No. 7171 to repeal the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Act of 2016In the House Bill No. 7171, the representatives cited that the House of Representatives and the Senate must repeal the “Trillanes Law” (RA 10912) as the government is only causing inconvenience to the professionals in the name of the business and foreign interests.

The CPD Law mandates all professionals to earn CPD units by joining formal and non-formal training to be able to renew their Professional Identification Card every three years. This is to conform with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Mutual Recognition Arrangements. If this is the case, some professionals cited that make it a requirement only for professionals who wants to work abroad.

ACT Party-list also mentioned that the CPD Law is an unnecessary law. The existing laws and provisions are already sufficient to ensure that professional standards in the Philippines are upheld. Additionally, professional competencies are continuously developed.

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The House Bill 7171 even cited that the CPD law has caused financial, logistical and psychological burdens on the professionals. The need 15 to 45 CPD points before they can renew their license. Many are forced to spend thousands, take unpaid leaves at work and go through a lot of hardships.

Even before the CPD Law, professional organizations themselves give out continuing education units through national conventions. These are voluntary and they have the freedom to choose their subject of interest. Now, professionals had to deliberately attend just to earn points. Others attended seminars though they already knew much about what is discussed.

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