There are three types of people in this world; First, are the people who are over confident, Second are those who lacks confidence, and Third are those people who possess the perfect amount of confidence needed to successfully carry themselves professionally and earn other people’s respect and admiration.

You might want to ask yourself this, “In which of the three categories do I fit?” Now, if you fall in the second and third category then you’re in a right place. However, if you see yourself falling for the first category, then you might want to check if you are unnecessarily confident.

Confidence like most things needs to be in perfect balance. But how do you really help yourself to be more confident? What can you do to boost your self- esteem without your ego blinding you? Listed below are tips that you can do to practice boosting your self- esteem:

Ways to increase your confidence:

  1. Imagine your success – When you are facing a challenging task, picturing how you can do the task successfully and imagining receiving the fruits of your labor after each task will give you the courage and energy to eagerly perform the task at hand.
  2. Listen to upbeat music – Music can help people on many other things. In fact, music has been a method in therapeutic exercises. Listening to music especially those with deep bass and funky tunes while performing the task will increase your drive in finishing the task and promote feeling of power.
  3. Give yourself a pep talk – Now, this is very important. Instead of telling yourself that you can’t do something, or you’re not skilled enough to do the job, it is better to comfort yourself by encouraging yourself to do the job and to repeatedly think that you are capable of doing it perfectly.
  4. Believe that you can improve – The brain is flexible. If you believe that you can learn to be good at something, then the chances are, you will develop the ability to do anything. Thinking that you have the ability to improve will promote growth and improvement.
  5. Embrace failure – You have to get used to the fact that everyone is going to experience failure and that includes you. Embracing this fact and learning from it while looking for other ways to strategize will help you make better things out of your crafts. Failure is not a bad thing, instead think of it as something that will shape your ability to grow. Always remember, failure adds one step up the ladder of success.

Source: Ted-Ed