Being a medical student takes a great deal of patience, perseverance, and lots and lots of memorizing. Medical school is not for someone who is undecided or for someone who half- heartedly takes this path since only the passionate would endure so much in order to finish med school.

Since being a medical practitioner takes not only skills, but also lots of memorizing, too much studying and reading takes a great toll on many students. Others, totally forget their social life or any form of relaxation just to ace their subjects. So it requires a really good and wise time management skills to balance study and leisure.


Here are a few things every medical student should know that will greatly help them in their endeavors in pursuing med school. I just want to clarify that these tips may or may not work on some people but since it works for me, I thought of sharing this with my fellow future doctors out there. So here it goes.

Tips in Surviving Med School

  1. Find out your style – Finding out what type of study strategy suits you best is the most important. Are you the type who learns better in school or at home? Do you prefer handwritten notes or printed notes? Do you work better at night or not? Knowing what style suits you better will help you in studying more efficiently.
  2. Make a timetableManaging your time is a bit of a challenge especially when you do it in random. So making a timetable and organizing your task will remove a great deal of stress for you.
  3. Follow your timetable – Have discipline in yourself. It is not enough that you have a timetable or organizers. It is important to make the effort to follow it. Never combine work and play. Focus on what’s more important.
  4. Enjoy your free time – In your timetable, always allocate some time for relaxation. For your free time, do something that you truly enjoy be it reading a novel or participating in recreational activities.
  5. Take care of your health – And lastly, your health should always be on top of your priorities. Be sure to eat healthy, have enough sleep and exercise.