2018 is undoubtedly the year of computer technology. With the fast paced environment, modernized way of living, and a technology centered world, getting young learners to be interested in studying is a very difficult endeavor.

Gone are the old flash cards, alphabet charts and number bricks as children of this computer age are more attached to electronic devices such as cellphones, computers, iPads and android tablets that they lose interest in the old fashion ways to gain knowledge. Of course, teachers and parents find this dilemma extremely challenging and frustrating.

Since children are adapting in the modernization of the world, teachers should also embrace the changes brought upon by the highly intelligent minds of this generation. Well, worry not because in this post, I will be sharing with you some tips and ideas in getting your child to learn the basics by means of modern technology.

Tips in getting your child’s interest in learning:

1. Videos – Moving images such as videos, especially those that are child friendly and animated catches the child’s interest and they most likely remember lessons through this method. The most effective in this method is the use of 3 dimensional videos by means of purchasing a VR box or visual reality box wherein children can dwell in the almost realistic world of the videos. This way, they can retain all the lessons that are taught in the video easily and while having fun.

2. Songs – This method never fades out. You just need to create or look for educational songs that have a fun and funky vibe.

3. Games – There are many available educational apps that you can download online. There are different kinds of games available online however, you must choose a game that is more interactive, fun, and suitable for your child’s age to avoid losing their interest in the long run. It is also advisable that you stay updated in the latest games that are similar to your choice. An example of these games is Puzzles, Guessing games, Quest games, Search games, and etc.