Good news to all students! The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) expanded the current fare discounts for students to also include weekends, summer vacations, and holidays.

According to a Memorandum Circular by the LTFRB released on October 11, “Students can avail of the twenty percent (20%) discount from Monday to Sunday including summer breaks, legal and special holidays.”

The memorandum starts effect on Saturday, October 28 and covers all public utility vehicle operators. Students up to the undergraduate level can avail of the discount. However, post-graduates such as those studying medicine, law or taking masters or doctorate degrees are not included on those who can get the said discount.

Effective October 28, 2017, students can avail the 20% fare discount even during summer breaks, weekends and holidays.

LTFRB board member Aileen Lizada attributed the order to numerous complaints and pressure from netizens in social media.

Although it was warmly received by commuters, drivers and operators worry about possible exploitation from others.
Stop and Go Coalition president Jun Magno worry that some commuters can easily pose as students on vacation days, unless LTFRB provide stricter guidelines before availing the discount. One guideline could be students presenting their IDs before they pay for the ride.

Students compromise majority of commuters for public utility vehicles.

Meanwhile, Commuters’ Safety and Protection Group president Maricor Acol feel that the board should give incentive to drivers for expanding the discount.

She pointed out that the students make-up a huge chunk of the commuters since most of them still cannot afford their own private vehicles.

“Any help is welcome. The advantage is that it is a welcome treat to both students and commuters. I just don’t know if jeepney [groups] will go on strike, “she said.