Being a student means learning massive amount of information in a day. Back in the old days, students would skim through tons of books in the library to answer a simple assignment. Even textbooks that are provided by the school are a bit of a hassle since carrying all of it at the same time every single day is such a burdensome task.

But, this generation has the advantage with the help of technology. Nowadays, you can easily answer  every assignments by searching the question on Google, Yahoo, or even Bing. But, the disadvantage is, technology feeds us with the exact solution to our problems that we can’t grasp the way or the technique on how to really solve it on our own.

This is why it is important to use technology and internet wisely to your advantage. While many of us prefer getting the answers right away, learning about how those answers are gathered would certainly make us improve as a student. It is important to know legit sources of information since the internet also contains false information or those that are too complicated for us to understand.

So how can you find legit sources of information that can help you in your studies? To help you with that, I listed 10 of the most helpful apps you can find online that will greatly aid you in your studies.

Top 10 must have apps:

1. Khan Academy – Provides you with learning materials and video tutorials as well as mock quizzes in your desired subject at zero cost. Similar apps includes:

2. Quizlet

3. English Grammar Test

4. Slader

5. Graphing Calculator – This app enable you to turn your smartphones into a multi-function unit converter and scientific calculator.

6. Alarmy – This is for those who has a bit of trouble waking up. This alarm clock app will not stop ringing until you truly wake up because the only way to turn the ringing off is to solve mathematical and logic questions.

7. myHomework Planner – This app will help you manage your time properly.

8. Touch Surgery – This is an interactive game for medical students. This app lets you do operations and gives you step by step guides to help you finish the operation.

9. Monefy – This app helps you keep track of your spending and helps you manage your budget more wisely.

10. I-Pillow – This app will help you track your sleep.