Passing the board exam and being a professional does not give you an immunity against losing your belongings. So losing your wallet whether it was stolen, dropped, or misplaced can be such a pain in the neck. Of course inside your wallet lies your ATM cards, money, and in this case, your professional Id.

If you’re just a newbie and it’s your first time losing your ID, then you’re in the right place. It is indeed wise to know the step by step procedure in renewing a lost PRC ID before actually going to the PRC office to avoid the hassle of going back and forth just because you miss one document. Anyway, to further guide you in your endeavor in duplicating your ID, I listed below the things that you will be need when renewing your ID.

Requirements in Renewing Lost PRC ID

  1. Ballpen – Always bring a pen and it should be black. Bring 2 or more just in case.
  2. Affidavit of Loss – Since you lost a government id, it is required that you have an affidavit of loss. Make sure that you have it Notarized or they won’t accept it.
  3. Glue stick in twist or push up tubes – You will need this for pasting things on your documents. You can bring a paste, clear glue, elmer’s glue or anything that sticks. It’s just that, glue sticks are not messy.
  4. Money – Of course aside from your pocket money, you need to prepare the fee of 250 pesos. Always bring extra. Also, in paying for your application form, it’s wise to give the exact amount for a faster transaction.
  5. Picture – You have to bring 1 copy of a passport size photo of yourself with your full name in tag and a plain white background. Bring an extra picture just in case.

If you can’t personally come to the PRC office and apply, you may send a representative on your behalf as long as he or she carries a Letter of Authority from you and a photocopy of at least 2 of his or her valid ID’s.